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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 33

The pups had a very busy day today. They got to go out of the box to play and explore while the box was being cleaned. That was fun! They also got to see the vacuum today. When they was in the whelping box they got to hear the vacuum but couldn't see it today it was up close and personal. It was really interesting to see how each pup reacted to the vacuum. For the most part their reaction was typical...startled! I was VERY impressed with Asia. She was fearless with it. Followed the vacuum as I sucked up the chips. I even sucked the wood chips off of her feet and legs and it didn't bother her at all. One of the other pups...can't remember who at the moment....also watched intently but left when I lifted it up and started sucking at the x-pen.

The pups had their first play date with a child today. She was 5, they have "Patch" who is from the first cross. The pups-that were awake-enjoyed playing with her, climbing and chewing. Plus it is always good to have little people around them. Good for the kids and the pups.

A few of the pups-Asia, Raffi, Zeus, Tony and Bauer-had their first outing away from their house. They got to go upstairs and visit with Lissy and her friend from school. Lissy said that they did good and didn't pee on her bed. :-) Always a good thing!

They are getting fed three times a day. Eating about 2 1/2-3 cups a feeding. What they don't eat Ivy gets and Ivy likes. I bought chew toys for them yesterday and gave them those to chew on. Raffi and Bailey really got into chewing on the them. I also put some small bones in there that the big dogs have chewed/broken. I was going to throw them out as I felt they was a bit small for the adults but they are perfect size for the pups. I just have to remember to pick them up before I put Ivy in there...she goes for the bones.

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