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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WOW we are 6 weeks old!!

They are growing like weeds. Personalities are blossoming I can now start to tell what time of homes would be best for each of them.

Maddison, she is spoken for already. Going to a cattle operation in OK. She is a quiet thinker. She is a bit bigger I figure she will be about the same size as her mom when she matures out. She has a nice head, two blue eyes. She is a quiet girl. Doesn't bark much, not a whiner. Very sweet. She is pretty much a middle of the road pup.

Demi-she is available. She has one blue and one brown eye. She is the pup that tends to sit back and watch things. When I come to the pen she tends to sit in the back and wait for a few of the other pups to leave or me to call her over before she leaves her post. She doesn't appear to be overly shy or reserved, but very paitent. Tho' at meal time she is one of the first pups to the bowls. She likes to be brushed and held. LOVES the belly rub. She is the smallest of all the females....almost all the pups but Zeus weighs less. She has a finer build and smaller feet.

Gilda-available. She is going to be a cool pup. She is one of the bigger girls. She has a nice head. She is pretty out going, very friendly. Likes to tug on the pants. A very happy puppy. Personality she is on the upper end of middle. She is learning her sits/downs (as are the rest of them). She is smart as a whip. She would do well in a performance home. She likes to climb up things, investigate new places. Wrestle with the other dogs. She likes to play with the big dogs.

Moses-available. He is a medium size pup. Not going to be as big as Tony, nor as small as Zeus. He is a lot like Maddison personality wise. He is a middle pup, not the one to cause a rucus but won't back down either. He is pretty brave, likes to explore. He can be a bit tentitive at first but once he is comfortable watch out he will run all over the place. Amanda likes him a lot. She spends a lot of time with him and Zeus. Moses does tend to get a wild hair and pick on the small guy.

Raffi-available...she is going to be a handful. She will need someone with Aussie experience. She can be a bit over the top at this age. You will think that she is a little meek thing but trust me it is a con. She is the first to go after pants, shirt sleaves, firngers/hands, shoes/socks. The first to get focused on attacking you and it is hard to refocus her onto something else. She has a pretty long attention span. I really like this pup. She is going to be a handufl but I do think she is going to be fairly biddable. She has a lot of heart and grit, even at this age.

Zeus the Moose-available. I like this pup. He has a huge heart, lots of grit and fight in him. Totally fearless. He gets picked on, sometimes two or three on one and he keeps coming back for more...and he gets even. He can bowl over the big pups without a problem. Yesterday while I was taking pics of the pups he walked to the edge of the couch, looked at me and leaped. Landed on his face. :-) I picked him back up and put him back on the couch this time he walked to where he was across from my leg and tried it again. I caught him this time but it was quite smart of him to figure out that my leg was closer to the couch so not as far to jump to get in my lap. He is the clown, the one that makes you laugh all the time. Does crazy things when he plays with you. He is also the snuggler and loves to come sleep on the couch with you. If I needed another male he would make the grade. He has the BEST personality.

Bailey-spoken for, going to a cattle operation. She is very full of herself. Think of my Cricket in a black suit. Very outgoing. VERY ornery. Very independant. Really nice girl. She is a lot of fun to play with cus she really gets into it and has a fairly long attention span. Loves to tug, if their is a squeak going on it is usually her and a toy. She loves to play the toys.

Bauer-spoken for. He is a fairly calm boy. He is going to be biddable. If he chews on you and you growl at him he stops. He is sensitive to the point that he wants to please but not so sensitive that he pouts. He does something where you praise him he keeps it up. He really wants to be a buddy. He loves to play with the big girls. He gets excited when Mona is out at the same time. I don't know why he picked her to be his buddy but he has. He has two blue eyes also. He reminds me of Skip...has his head and ear set.

Asia....available.....if I needed another female she would be the one I kept. I know that Raffi is the pic but she is going to be special. She has the old soul eyes. She loves me. She is the first one to come to me each time I go to them. If there are other people she still comes to me first. Then she will go so "HI" to the others. In new places she is a bit reserved but once she becomes accustomed to the area she is a wild woman. She is sweet, yet you can see a little orneryness in the eyes. She has a fair attention span. She will play with a toy with you. She likes to wrestle. Loves the belly scratch. Really loves to rest with her head on your shoulder. She loves her Aunty Ruby.

Tony-available. he will need a person who is used to strong willed Aussies. He has an ornery streak the size of TX. He gets focused on you pant leg and NOTHING can get him off the scent. You can hold him and rub his belly...put him down and he goes for your pants. Pick him up start playing with a toy, put him down he goes for your pants. A very focused pup. He knows what he wants and he keeps an eye on the prize. I really like him. He is going to be a handful and a lot of fun with the right person. He would do well in a stock/performance home. He will need a job and someone to keep his mind busy.
Last Saturday the pups had a play date. A couple kids came over and loved, and wrestled and wore them out. The girls had fun, the pups loved the company and extra attention that they recieved. Both girls loved Zeus as he is the smallest pup and easiest to carry around. They spent about an hour with the pups. It is so good for the pups to be around children.

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