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Friday, April 2, 2010

7 1/2 weeks

Boy have the pups been growing like crazy. Been hard to write here taking care of them and life in general. Anyway, on Tuesday I put the pups on sheep for the first time. All did pretty good. Asia was very impressive. None of the pups were overly shy or scared of them. They all did well going to and from the barn. Even with the wind blowing and tarps flapping they were unflappable. I have pics of the pups up on my facebook account of their time on sheep.

Today we went in our own crates. Yes, we started the crate training. I took two pups at a time to the garage to gather up puppy crates. Everyone did well except Maddison, she was a bit worried. I did coax her and she came but she was the only one that I had to coax everyone else was right with me. I did get them all switched around, the girls are back in their room and I have 10 puppies in the front room and I am listening to Tony scream as everyone else is asleep. They all got a bit stressed after spending a couple hours in their crate and it gave them soft stools so I made turkey and rice and added a bit of puppy food to it. Figure give them something a bit bland today and tomorrow. Everyone is asleep except Tony.....how long can a puppy cry. Almost afraid to go to bed tonight.

Raffi, Moses, Gilda and Tony are all looking for homes. Tony and Raffi need an experienced Aussie person as they are both a bit over the top and assertive. They know what they want and they go for it. Moses is the most laid back pup in the bunch. He is just a really sweet guy. Gilda is a bit on the mellow side too. She is a blast to play with. She can be going wild, you pick her up and she melts on you. Zeus is a great little guy. He is going to be a blast. Demi is a sweety, she is small but boy is she mighty. If someone pics on her she is the one to role them. Pretty funny. Asia is really blossoming, she is becoming a wild missy. She goes crazy in the house. She and Raffi love to run laps around the couch. They go behind it, into the kitchen around the couch and back again. It is so funny. She is a hoot. Bailey is a great pup. She is a bit ornery but she was the first pup to fall asleep in her crate. She is ruthless when she starts grabbing the pants. If she has a hold and lift your leg you will lift her off the ground. Wicked little pup. Maddison is a quiet girl. Sweet and quiet. The kind I like!!

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