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Friday, April 9, 2010

8 1/2 weeks

Pups are doing great on their crate training. They may get a little wet once in a while but they tend to stay clean. Asia is doing the best over all. She has had a clean dry crate for the last 5 days. Zeus has done the best of the boys. Then Tony. Bauer and Moses are doing well also but they tend to have smaller bladders.

Two of the pups- Gilda and Maddison- are at their new home now. It is really different being down the two pups. You wouldn't think that it would make that much of a difference but it really does. Bauer is to leave this weekend and there is someone coming to look at Zeus on Saturday.

I really like Asia and I think that I am going to keep her. I tell myself NO, I have Cricket but....I really like Asia, not to mention she has picked me. She gets out of her crate and always comes over to me with her whole body wiggling and a happy whine. She is really something else.

Demi is looking for a home. She is being sold with a spay/not for breeding contract. She is a sweet girl. Quiet, a thinker. Melts into you when you hold her. She is quite agile, loves to climb, she plays fetch now for a little while. She really likes the balls. She is going to be a smaller female. Solid, but not real leggy.

Bailey is available. She would be a good performance prospect. VERY ornery. Takes correction well. Loves to tug. She is pretty fast, agile going to be moderate in size. She is put together well. Nice angulation, size. Nice amount of bone without overdoing it.

Tony, he would do great in a stock/performance home. High drive, lots of energy. Seems to be biddable. A very long attention span. Not overly dominant with the other pups but he is not the omega of the bunch either. I really like this guy. He is put together really well. Structurally he is the nicest IMO. Also best color, but I do favor the red merles. :-) Gonna have a nice ear set. He already has a nice head.

Raffi-available....she also would do great in a stock/performance home with someone who knows Aussies. Like Tony, she is not for a first time Aussie owner. I can see her growing up to be an Alpha as she likes to take charge now. She is very outgoing-as are all the pups.

Moses-available, he is a really nice boy. He seems to be a bit laid back until he has a job...he gets to playing and he gives it his all. He is a real sweetheart. He would do well in just about any home. So far he gets along with all dogs/pups. He has respect for the older dogs, he is good with his siblings. Not assertive but not going to be walked on either. I can see the "off" switch in him. He is going to be a lot of fun to work with as he matures.

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