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Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 03, 2010

We had a great day today. They got me up at 4:30 AM...not bad. Slept almost 5 hours. I was a little late getting up. Had one messy crate and three wet ones. Not to bad for their first night sleeping alone.

We found out that brown rice does not digest as easily as white rice...especially Minute Rice. I won't go into how I know just trust me on this. Go white, and go Minute Rice.

The pups had several visitors today. Even different men-which we don't have a lot of around here. They came and sat down on the cement and played with them. Had a couple ladies come play with them too. No kids this weekend but we have a play day next weekend for Saturday and Sunday, so the pups that are here will have some fun.

We also went for a walk out in the pasture today. First time for this big of an outing. I was originally only going to take a couple of the pups but I decided that everything is fenced, and Ebbie is a great babysitter so I let all 10 of them out and away we went. We walked down the hill, played and I got to thinking, "Dang, I wish I would have remembered my camera." So we walked back up the hill and as the pups got a drink I got my camera and back down we went. Boy did they have fun. Running, and discovering.....Sheep POOP!!! Oh yum.

Ebony did a great job babysitting. She is amazing with the pups. She acts all tough and grumpy but she is really just a big marshmallow. All bark no bite. They just followed her where ever she went. It was very cute.

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